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This recipe was pulled from on their forum. It is a little advanced for someone just starting out, but very doable. Send us your success stories!!!

Birwatchers Recipe
My recipe for a 10 gallon wash. Ingredients as follows: 

1.5 cups tomato paste 

Juice 1.5 lemons 
Approx. 20 lbs sugar 
4 ounces fresh regular bakers yeast. Buy in bulk at any good health food store. 
water(I use spring well water) 


Keep careful notes from start to finish for future reference. 

Carefully mix paste, juice, say 15 lbs sugar with 16 gallons water at 86* F. Measure SG. 
(you are aiming for 1.09) 

Carefully add water and sugar to bring mixture to 10 gallons, WITH A SG 1.09. 
Temperature of finished mixture should be 86*-95*F to start. 

You should now have 10 gallons of mixed ingredients. 

Carefully sprinkle 4 ounces of yeast over surface, stirring in. 
Place cover loosely, to let CO2 escape, keeping flying nasties out. 
There is so much CO2 coming off; there is no need to worry about oxygen coming in contact. 

Place bottomless styrofoam box over fermenter. Dangle lit lightbulb through small 
hole in lid. Bulb must be strong enough to keep the mixture at a steady range of 
86*-95*F for entire fermentation. Size of bulb depends on room temperature. Stick 
your digital thermometer through side of box to track inside temperature. 

{A good idea would be to set up with water a day before you begin wash to determine 
the size of light bulb to maintain water/wash in the 86*-95*F range.} 

Check SG and temperature daily, and Stir daily 

On day three, syphon contents evenly into two 6 gallon airlocked carboys. 

Check SG and temperature daily, Shake carboys gently daily. 

After a total of 7-8 days SG should be .995. If not, wait until completion. 

Note: After ten years of making 95% ethanol, and fine tuning my recipe after lots of 
suggestions from people on this forum, this is what works for me. I'm always fine 
tuning and welcome any comments or suggestions. 

    I call this "Super Simple 'Shine" 
    For the most part, if you have ever seen a Mile Hi Distilling product test, this is what you have seen!

    18 lbs of Sugar
    4 ounces 48 hr Turbo yeast
    enough Water to give you 6.5 gallons of Wash

    - Put all your sugar in a 8 gallon bucket and fill half ways with SUPER HOT WATER. Dissolve all of your sugar. Make sure there is no sugar left in the bottom of the bucket. 
    - Fill the bucket up to 6.5 gallons with cold water. 
    - Wait till your water is 85 degrees F
    - Pitch (sprinkle) 4 ounces of 48 Hr turbo yeast over the mixture, and stir for about a minute.
    - Let sit for 5-6 days
    - During this time, the airlock on your bucket is going to pop all the time. When you notice it stops popping except for maybe once a minute, it's ready to be distilled

    This recipe will make a sort of rum in a trditional pot still (the one that looks like a goose neck), or a vodka in a reflux still (the one that have a cooling system at the top of the tower). 

    I thought you might like this moonshine recipe to enable you to Make Whiskey at home. 

    The ingredients are malt, sugar, yeast and rain water. You can buy the malt from most big supermarkets, if they don't have it they will probably order it for you. The brand names for the malt and yeast can be Blue Ribbon, and Red Top. The malt is a liquid and comes in a can, the yeast comes in cakes. 

    To every can of malt you will add 5 gallons of warm water, disolve 5 pounds of sugar and add 1 cake of yeast. Mix all this together in a barrel made of plastic, stainless steel, or copper, under no circumstances use aluminum. 

    Keep it covered with cheese cloth to keep the bugs out. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments. Then you can cook it off in your still and you have the smoothest whiskey you have ever tasted. 

    After you run off the whiskey, it is clear like water. You can color it by taking a piece of dry fruit wood (or maple), burn the fruit wood over a flame till it is blackened, then drop the burned fruitwood in your clear whiskey. In a few days the whiskey will be the color of store bought whiskey.
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